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Preaching to the Choir

Wow, hey everybody. I'd like you to know that I do still love you, first off, but that I struggle to come up with entertaining and engaging content for this blog. IF you are for some incredible reason missing your fix of pithy anecdotes, there's a place for them here: my Patreon. Follow me there … Continue reading Preaching to the Choir

Walking Dead S4 Comic Con Trailer In true Walking Dead fashion, this trailer starts out with everything calm and our heroes in control, then things quickly degenerate to mayhem, mysteries, and conflict. It's clear from this trailer that the prison is a problem for our group; they've allowed it to be a symbol of enduring safety even though their time … Continue reading Walking Dead S4 Comic Con Trailer

Yet again, Left Hand Horror has found all the WIN on the internet. Presenting Jawiin TV’s “The Walking Dead Christmas Special.”


Written and directed by Jason Inman at Jawiin TV, this spoof of The Walking Dead’s AMC Christmas Special is pretty damn funny. Not even a zombie apocalypse can stop Christmas. It’s sure to get your blood/eggnog flowing – and you don’t have to wait in line at Target.

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Have you guys met Fister Roboto of Because he pretty much just won the internet.


The Walking Dead may be in a holding pattern until 2013, but that’s not stopping legions of fans from being creative. This pic contains every kill as well as the character and weapon doing the deed. Enjoy just in time for Friday!

Edit: MUCH appreciation to Scott, a cool guy and personal comic book courier, for getting this to me. (sorry)


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