The Fitbit Diaries: The Revenge

Well, somebody got the memo that I've been back on my bullshit. During 2017's NaNoWriMo, Brian opened a kitchen drawer, gave me a significant look, and asked, "Is this a whole new bag of halloween candy from the one that was in here yesterday?" first of all, don't judge me. second of all, yes, it … Continue reading The Fitbit Diaries: The Revenge

Tutorial Tuesday nº1

Ever looked at one of my photos and been all OMG HOW? I'll tell you how in a new tutorial blog series! Photoshop tips, tricks, how-to directions, step by step guidance, and maybe even some videos! The options are virtually endless, and I take requests! IT'S ALL FOR YOU DAMIEN. Tutorial Tuesday nº1 on Patreon … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday nº1