Fuck this Shit Friday the 13th

Have you checked out my Patreon blog yet? It's basically the same thing as here except I try (TRY) to keep on task about photography things, and also people have the option to pay for it, which is super gratifying. One of the least useful and most entertaining is the newest incarnation of my FAILBLOG posts … Continue reading Fuck this Shit Friday the 13th


Tutorial Tuesday nº1

Ever looked at one of my photos and been all OMG HOW? I'll tell you how in a new tutorial blog series! Photoshop tips, tricks, how-to directions, step by step guidance, and maybe even some videos! The options are virtually endless, and I take requests! IT'S ALL FOR YOU DAMIEN. Tutorial Tuesday nº1 on Patreon … Continue reading Tutorial Tuesday nº1

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday: A Blog on Patreon In which I scratch the surface of a discussion about work, art, and trying not to quit.


Feigning Diligence

It's October and here I am, excuses in hand and apologies for months of neglect. I've been busy in other things--in addition to my photography (NSFW), I've also launched an Etsy shop called Saint Drusilla. It's mostly knitted goods right now, but I've been busily adding to my stock, drafting patterns, making things, shopping for … Continue reading Feigning Diligence


Lifeblog: Progress, Writing, and a Working Girl

Okay, so the working girl thing is  a bit of a lie, insofar as someone is not paying me to do things for them. Ladies and gentlemen, as I round the corner aproaching my twenty-ninth year, I might be the world's oldest intern. If you haven't heard me complain about the job market before, you … Continue reading Lifeblog: Progress, Writing, and a Working Girl