Lifeblog: Adventures in Power Failure

Better late than never, but in the flurry of NaNoWriMo I forgot all about this draft! Here’s a short hurricane story with a happy ending, told with twitter and pictures and adjusted to be read from top to bottom like normal english-speaking nations! I got super lucky with the hurricane, so I was able to be cheeky about it in between checking in on my NJ family (who also got lucky enough, all things considered).


Fission Error @fissionerror: Speaking of emergency preparedness i also have to go get some food fortifications because NJ family is all “HURRICANE.”
October 28
Fission Error @fissionerror: Class canceled at Arcadia, Temple, UPenn, WCU. Brian is wondering if he’ll have work; I’m wondering if we’ll have oceanfront property.
 Fission Error @fissionerror: Keswick theater prepped for storm. As long as there’s Internet, twitter trumps TV news. #sandyinphilly #hurricanesandy

Keswick Theater ready to go.

Fission Error ‏@fissionerror: Venture Bros Halloween special, so fuck you you bitch ass hurricane (please don’t hurt me).

October 29
Fission Error @fissionerror:  @taramurtha only 47% of the country is expecting weather now anyway, so to hell with them. #MittStormTips
Fission Error @fissionerror: By the time we got to storm prep it was Sunday and the liquor store was closed. Dusty bottle of Tia Maria, your time has come at last…
Fission Error @fissionerror: Seriously I hope our liquor cabinet dregs are good in coffee because breakfast ain’t gonna drunk itself. #hammeredtime
Fission Error @fissionerror:Still watching live video from Point Pleasant, NJ and boy has the view changed. I wish I was taking periodic screencaps. #hurricanesandy
Fission Error @fissionerror: Point Pleasant live feed now pinwheeling and perhaps not live anymore. Time to call my dad, I guess.
Fission Error @fissionerror:Power’s out. Cats are keeping calm + carrying on, by which I mean they think lights out = dinner as usual, and why am I sitting in the dark?

The blanket fort was very effective.

Fission Error @fissionerror: Our emergency flashlight literally has the power of one candle, and it’s one of the wall-plug ones.
Fission Error @fissionerror: Foraging has yielded the dregs of cake- and espresso-flavored vodka. Also this irresponsible cellphone usage.

Partying like it’s 1799!

Fission Error @fissionerror: This kinetic/solar LED flashlight is pretty much the best thing ever. Sorry for all the tweets about my flashlights. #firstworldproblems
Fission Error @fissionerror: Back yard maple just shat a 10′ branch. Seems to have landed between us and neighbors, harming nothing we could see in dark. #winning

Fission Error @fissionerror: Hour 12 with no power. So far I’ve narrowly avoided going feral, though with cell battery down to 40%, how long will I last?

October 30
Fission Error @fissionerror: Ten minute lines for coffee @wawa for the half of Glenside with no power. Employees astoundingly nice. #sandyinphilly

Everyone was surprisingly orderly, given none of these people had had caffeine yet.

Fission Error @fissionerror: Having city water and gas water heater means HOT BATH. Growing up with well water, this is a pleasure I never anticipated in a power outage.

Fission Error @fissionerror: OTOH, house is freezing; torture be damned, my kingdom for those tub cover devices from American Horror Story, or a deeper tub…

Fission Error @fissionerror: To combat the cold, my cats are ignoring the blanket igloo I made them and hurling each other into walls. Really destroying my serene bath.

 Fission Error‏@fissionerror: THANK YOU. RT “@philly311 pls remind people, when approaching an intersection where lights are out, treat it as a 4 way stop.”

Fission Error @fissionerror: Our PECO bill is going to be so low from all this no power we’re using! #sandyinphilly #glasshalffull

Fission Error @fissionerror: After a long drive around the neighborhood trying to assess the source of our partying like it’s 1799, found several downed trees + poles.

A relieving lack of devastation.

Fission Error @fissionerror: Settled in at the only bar able to offer beer, pizza and devastating storm coverage at 3:30. Thanks, Jerzees.

Fission Error @fissionerror: This frosted berry jar candle is full of warmth and light, both things my house is otherwise lacking.
Fission Error ‏@fissionerror: In a state if emergency NEVER DO YOU EVER need to go to a craft store.

Fission Error @fissionerror: 24hrs, still without power. PECO says more than 50k affected in Montco. Had a fun time guessing which old phone # was linked to our account.
Fission Error ‏@fissionerror: I’m getting tired of reading by flashlight. It’s not as exciting as when I was a kid and my mom told me not to.
Fission Error @fissionerror: Just finished my book. 30% battery life on phone. No end in sight. I’m freaking out, man.
Fission Error @fissionerror: New game. What household items fit in my lip rings? Pens. Knitting needles. Cigarette. Carabiner. This is getting dangerous.
Fission Error@fissionerror: Just had to google “witch hut chicken leg” to end an argument. This is not responsible emergency phone use. At 18% battery and falling…

October 31
Fission Error @fissionerror: Beginning to miss life’s simple pleasures like using the toilet with the lights on. 36 hours.
Fission Error @fissionerror: Dear neighbors, how much does it cost to run that generator for 36 hours? And what’s so important? Are you powering an iron lung in there?
Fission Error @fissionerror: Dear PECO, I have electric again. Thanks for all your hard work.

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