NaNoWriMo 2016: Mid-Month Check-In

We’ve just passed the halfway point of November, and today’s word goal to be on target for 50K is 26,666 and I’ve somehow managed to hit the 39K mark already. I haven’t written anything I’m really proud of, but I’m writing and I’m in a really good brainstorming place at least.

From what conversations with others tell me, this is all an incredible achievement; with the election and its surrounding circus, it sounds like many participants are struggling to focus on their projects. My secret: I’m writing a fictional world, so I open my Scrivener document and get the hell away from reality for a few hours a day. Seriously! My word count jumped from around 1650/day to around 3500/day since November 9th.

I want to give a lot of credit for this away; the Philadelphia regional group is pleasantly active, so I’ve been able to attend some in-person and some online write-ins for camaraderie. For example, on Sunday I treated myself to a cookie when I hit 30K, and half the group liked the idea so much that they treated themselves to a pastry too. That’s support!

I don’t expect to maintain this hurtling, breakneck pace toward the void. Hopefully now that I’ve shaken free of the writerly cobwebs I can focus on quality at least a little.

This is normally where I’d share an excerpt, but I’m not overly proud of anything I’ve come up with yet, so instead here is something else:


How are you all managing this year? What are your biggest helps, hangups, tips, tricks, and treats? And I seriously suggest you all adopt the Cookie Quota, or something equally adorably alliterative.


cupcake quota works too.

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