Preaching to the Choir

Wow, hey everybody. I’d like you to know that I do still love you, first off, but that I struggle to come up with entertaining and engaging content for this blog. IF you are for some incredible reason missing your fix of pithy anecdotes, there’s a place for them here: my Patreon.


Follow me there for the occasional accessible to everyone for free post with fun behind the scenes info on my shoots and activities, or better yet (you wonderful person) subscribe for as little as $1 a month! It won’t feed starving children in developing nations, but it will help keep a roof over my head and keep me chugging away at this art hustle.

Now some actual content: I’ve been working on a book over the last year. It’s not going well; frankly very little went well for me last year, but I’m trying to force enough positive energy into my life in 2016 that I can turn that around by sheer force of will. This book will, in concept and theme, loosely resemble I Apologize In Advance for the Awful Things I’m Gonna Do by Danny Bland and Greg Dulli (though I’m sure much much less good–not self-deprecation, I just thought their work was excellent).

I’ve got a handful of smutty short stories and poems and some photos so far, just not as many as I’d hoped to have at this point. Forcing yourself to write is one thing, but forcing yourself to write something sexy can get grotesque in a hurry. I’m all for throwing down a tarp and getting dirty, but even I have limits.

Whatever. Hopefully creating regular updates for a paying audience (Thanks, existing Patrons! You’re heroes!) will get me into a functional routine, something I’ve always struggled with in my career as a full time freelance anything. Maybe this oft-ignored blog will get a bump in content too. But please pop over to Patreon and follow me there too. I am desperate for feedback as I explore this new venue for my work, and my followers here have always been very good with that. ❤



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