American Horror Story: Coven, S3:E2, “Boy Parts”

Hey friends! This is a placeholder because I am 48 hours out from my wedding and have too much to do to watch the same tv show for three hours!

I’ll catch up! In the meantime go see what our good buddy Fister Roboto has to say at Left hand horror!


2 thoughts on “American Horror Story: Coven, S3:E2, “Boy Parts”

  1. Robb Zahm says:

    Oh my God, girl, please! Don’t worry about updating your blog! Just make sure you and your incredibly fortunate man have a beautiful, blessed* day! You can come back after your honeymoon and I promise, we will still enjoy your updates as you get caught up!

    *caveat: this word choice in no way suggests I endorse any particular religion or lack thereof.


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