This Post is About All Men

I've been reading, trying to digest everything that's being said in the wake of this Elliot Rodgers mess. I had to explain it to my dad, that a man killed some women for not having sex with him, and that other men on the internet thought he had the right idea. I had to see … Continue reading This Post is About All Men


Lady Parts: Weight Obsession Part 2, Hell is Other People

Sometimes, reflecting on my twenty-eight years of life, I'm amazed I've never been arrested. One time in a bar, a man told me, "You know, if you covered up your tattoos, took out your piercings, and dyed your hair back to normal, you might actually be pretty." You might... You might actually be pretty. Why … Continue reading Lady Parts: Weight Obsession Part 2, Hell is Other People

Beauty Blundering

According to this happy little news roundup stumbled across on Jezebel (while I was actually searching for a friend's article on Persephone), I am the architect of my own employment demise by looking like, well, myself. If you've done any looking whatsoever, you may have noticed I'm not the most conventional girl. If you're too … Continue reading Beauty Blundering