Walking Dead S4 Comic Con Trailer

In true Walking Dead fashion, this trailer starts out with everything calm and our heroes in control, then things quickly degenerate to mayhem, mysteries, and conflict.

It’s clear from this trailer that the prison is a problem for our group; they’ve allowed it to be a symbol of enduring safety even though their time there has been fraught with problems. Now with the group having absorbed Woodbury’s survivors, more people means more hands to work but also more mouths to feed.

As expected, at some point in this season the prison’s defenses will fail and the group will be on the road once more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this!

3 thoughts on “Walking Dead S4 Comic Con Trailer

    • fissionerror says:

      With how angry last season made me at times, I’m surprised to find myself so excited over this trailer. I hope they don’t pull that midseason finale/break crap again, because that fucks up the entire flow of the season and makes it drag like they’re keeping all the action in their pockets for a finale.


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