Systems Fail

I ran into some of my Nano writing buddies at the coffee shop today! They’re doing Camp Nanowrimo, which is lucky because it means a physical support network to judge me force my motivation through self-imposed friendly competition and my unwillingness to admit failure.

I’ve got about 2,000 words written so far in April, divided uselessly between the hundred open projects I’m pretending I’m progressing with (spoiler: not making any progress). In the interest of holding myself accountable, here’s what’s on my desk:

  • A collection of short stories and poetry of a vaguely smutty/sexy/unsettling nature. So far it includes an incredibly fucked up 29-page short, some loosely autobiographical funny/sexy vignettes (like one about fellatio in South Dakota!) in which names have been changed to keep exes from ever calling me again, a pile of weird and upsetting haikus, and a braindump full of disorganized notes*.
  • My gaslamp fantasy airship adventure story.  Every time I try to do a round of edits on it my brain just melts and quits, and I work on something else instead, like deep backstory for the fantasy world it’s set in. Hit a roadblock? Well what happened 40 years ago? SEEMS LEGIT.
  • A vampire story that might actually be a full-fledged thing by the time vampires are vogue again. Or it might continue its eternal, ageless death on my hard drive.
  • More genre fiction blather.

*I use Evernote for–get this–notes, and almost overwrote everything I’ve jotted down since January because I’m a fat-fingered idiot, but i managed to save it and avoid dying of shame and misery.

So that’s what’s on my desk, and here’s a couple little modern haikus.

to be young again
warm and resonating and
less full of secrets

“You’ll be fine,” she said
But i was filled with voices
from beyond the grave.

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