We’re the Walking Dead


This post title is part pandering and part fact; I spent fourteen hours on my couch yesterday doing The Walking Dead marathon leading up to last night’s finale, because I was THAT FAR behind in the season thanks to AMC’s terrible video on demand options and not having cable when the season began. I feel like a corpse today after so many consecutive hours idle.

That said I’ve missed you all and I’m happy to talk about the season if anyone wants my unique perspective, but I didn’t take any notes or anything so results may vary in both detail and accuracy.

Anyway, I’m going to try and do a blog a day for the month of April (coinciding with Camp Nano), to get back in the swing of doing things. I’m terrible at adhering to a schedule (anyone following this blog is painfully aware of that already), so I’ll be starting from scratch. Subject matter will mostly be process notes on a short story/poem collection I’m working on compiling, works in progress, excerpts etc, though it’s likely I’ll include some random bits about my self-portrait project as well.

If you enjoyed my Nanowrimo and writing posts, expect more of those. If you enjoyed The Fitbit Diaries, that’s over for now and you can thank David Sedaris for doing everything I do better.  If you enjoyed my TV recaps, let me know so I look super important to people looking to hire entertainment writers.

If you want some current movie reviews, my friends run Drunk at the Movies, and I might sneak the occasional post in there if I ever see something current.

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