The Fitbit Diaries: Day 2

I’ve hit a fitness plateau, where healthy eating and my typical levels of belligerent self-motivation don’t seem to be cutting it any longer. Maybe it’s turning the corner out of my twenties. Who knows? All I can say is that for some reason, the bright glowing numbers on an elliptical machine display at the gym motivate me like no other, so I got something to turn my daily activity into numbers.

Day Two
I am simultaneously alarmed and fascinated by this wealth of numbers. I’m checking them obsessively. Volunteered to retrieve breakfast this morning just so I could go for the walk. Motivationally speaking, it’s already working. Have also realized walking to the bakery for pastries is counterproductive.
Oh please, like this would have been better.

Oh please, like this would have been better.

No amount of raisins in the batter can convince me the sticky buns the size of my head from the nice little bakery at the corner are health food (logic that seems to work on Brian, not that he’d ever eat a raisin). Let’s just call this first week my “control,” and I will snack and booze it up so subsequent weeks seem so much healthier by comparison.
Pictured: an actual diet.

Pictured: an actual diet.

Lights and buzzing. What does it all mean? A browse through the FAQ was unhelpful, but DID reveal that taunting friends is an option (also not helpful but I’m gonna do it). By “managing friends” do you mean being an asshole until you don’t have any? Because I’m intrigued.
MORE fun?

MORE fun? I’m already having so much I’ve almost drained my battery!

Also realized fitbit’s magical scale is called the Aria, and if the ‘fat lady’ joke there was an accident somebody deserves a punch in the mouth (if intentional, somebody deserves a raise).
Never mind, I did find the answer to my light question. Turns out the FAQ is actually quite informative. What I was experiencing was in fact a goal celebration, something I’d feel way more excited about had I not eaten my way through two separate barbecues today.

4 thoughts on “The Fitbit Diaries: Day 2

  1. Alisa Hathaway says:

    Have been irrationally angry with the Internet because it never held the Cassieblogs that I wanted to read. Was not aware of this festering anger until I saw these new posts. And there was much rejoicing!


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