This Seasonal Life

Hi friends. I still love you, but now that spring is all over the place and I’ve finished my internship to boot, there are literally a million things I have been wanting to do more than spend time in front of a computer! I have been doing a bunch of new photography work with a bunch of gorgeous models; if you’re into seeing that sort of thing I will direct you to my photography tumblr (NSFW).

Aside from photography I’ve been drinking in the park, went to my first hot yoga class (still recovering), have been doing some major spring cleaning, am preparing my summer garden (the tomato seeds I saved last year are growing! One step closer to surviving the zombie apocalypse!), and pretending I’m planning my wedding (I’m not, which doesn’t really stop people from asking for details). I haven’t made a lot of time for blogs or twitter (the latter of which is a painful reminder that the Stanley Cup playoffs are happening right now without my team), but I have made time for instagram, and for putting film into several of my vintage cameras!

I’ve been catching up on laundry and reading books, and there’s a new season of Mad Men (because apparently I just can’t quit you, Sunday nights on AMC), and I have been making some seriously gourmet cheese plates and boyfriend and I have been doing some small home improvements.

How are you?


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