Lifeblog: In Other News




For those of you who care about my pithy observations of things other than television, Fake Voracek and I are getting married. Tying the knot. Jumping the broom. Getting hitched. Whatever. This is me solemnly swearing I will not bridezilla all over this blog, offending your eyes and sensibilities with shit you just plain don’t care about.

I made a separate blog just for that: You Wedding is Not So Great. Follow me as I ask the eternal questions, like whether or not it is polite to include “please, no Uggs” on wedding invititations (because we all agree it’s necessary).

Oh, and in other other news, Harper Voyager has passed on my novel, so I’m back to square one with that. On the other hand, having received my first rejection means I’m a ‘real’ writer now, amirite? 2013 has been a busy year so far.

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