NaNoWriMo 2012: Week Four Wrap

I have been procrastinating. You might not think so from my word count of 65k, but a keen eye on the rainbow array of blocks in my NaNo counter will prove it’s true. I’ve stalled. I want to hit 75k before month’s end, but at this point I also want those words to count for something; it seems the curse of my early completion of NaNo’s goal is that I’m suddenly caring about content, and don’t want to spend the last few days of November chucking just any words onto the page (thus making more work for myself in editing).

These curious things!

I need to do more research, and lots of it. I need to go from Civil War obsessee to Civil War buff. Without those facts and details to shape the plot, I’m left with nothing but romantic subplot. Then again, this is exactly why I picked historical fiction this year–it’s hard, guys.  Right now I’m less interested in what my characters are doing, and more interested in Bell Irvin Wiley and my used copy of The Life of Billy Yank. Someone tell me this compulsion for fact is healthy. Someone come to Louisiana with me to pick through library collections of primary sources (and go on New Orleans’ new red-light walking tour).

Proof you spend too much time at the coffee shop.

BUT enough whinging. Here are some random facts about my WIP:

  • It passes the Bechdel Test
  • I hit word count and still used contractions. HA.
  • I don’t really like my main character yet.
  • I really like only about 10,000 words of it*
  • Pages: 86
  • Named characters killed: 4 (so far…)
  • Locations involved: 3 (New Orleans, Richmond, Philadelphia)
  • Versions of Dixie listened to: 1,742*
  • Cups of tea consumed: 20*
  • Cups of coffee consumed: 576
  • Days of drunk writing: 0
  • Days too drunk to write: 1
  • Excerpts posted for public consumption: 4
  • Most words written in a 20-minute word war: 1,027
  • Soundtrack: Nick Cave, Murder By Death, Tom Waits, Firewater, Devotchka

*Possible hyperbole.

so, this.


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