Lifeblog: Father-Daughter Roadtrip!

So yesterday was my Father-daughter road trip from NJ to Virginia. He went for work, and I went to do some NaNoWriMo research at the Museum of the Confederacy. Liveblogging my travel adventures began as an uncaffeinated joke at 5AM, but my friends were foolish enough to encourage it and I continued on throughout the day, bouncing between facebook and instagram. For convenience and posterity, I have compiled the majority of that information here in one convenient and useless resource!

This is Daddo. Behind him is apparently a restaurant. Having eaten there I’m still not convinced.

  • This hour is ungodly but I AM ON AN ADVENTURE Yesterday at 5:09am
  • Discovery: I don’t recognize Eli manning even when he’s on a giant (pun!) cardboard cutout. Yesterday at 5:12am
  • Discovery: this Dunkin donuts has jets donuts and giants donuts. Weird. Yesterday at 5:13am
  • Maryland, I am inside you. Yesterday at 6:58am
  • First traffic, north of Baltimore. Daddo has pointed out that car Internet (this thing is like a rolling house I swear) means FaceTime is a possibility…? Yesterday at 7:26am
  • There is a pretty sunrise happening but I have no convenient angle on it Yesterday at 7:29am

    This is the sunrise outside Baltimore.

  • Discovery: McDonald’s has scooby doo happy meal buckets!! I hope it’s not just a Jessup, MD thing… Bonus friendship points to anyone who gets me a scooby doo bucket so I don’t have to eat the food. Yesterday at 8:11am
  • Discovery: Daddo’s sausage mcmuffin and my biscuit have different styles of egg. This frightens me. Yesterday at 8:17am

    This egg, though folded with military precision, tastes like styrafoam.

  • Discovery: in egg roulette, I am the loser. Yesterday at 8:24am
  • Daddo is waxing enthusiastic about a place called Bugaboo Cafe. Apparently it has talking animal heads, and apparently that is a selling point? Yesterday at 8:30am
  • (fun fact: I just fat-fingered ‘animal’ and it almost came out ‘anal heads.’ I apologize for proofreading.) Yesterday at 8:31am
  • Just off the highway, a pretty old farmhouse and its fields shrouded in lingering morning fog. See America first, y’all. Yesterday at 8:32am
  • Daddo is dissatisfied with mcdonalds’ idea of what passes for coffee. I wouldn’t disagree, but he picked dunkin donuts over wawa this morning. Evolution at work. Yesterday at 8:33am
  • Daddo air-drumming to Hotel California. If you’ve ever witnessed his driving you know this is terrifying.

    Wait. Now it’s air guitar solo. Daddo: “Channeling Joe Walsh!” Yesterday at 8:34am

  • Daddo now emulating Neil Peart, and I am shrilling “OF SALESMEN!” even though that’s not even this song. Oh Geddy Lee, sing us the tale of your spirit journey formation anniversary. Yesterday at 8:42am

  • Daddo just tailgates a breadtruck at 75 miles per hour so I could take a picture. Apparently Bimbo doesn’t sponsor his local soccer team and is therefore still novel.
    Yesterday at 8:45am
  • Daddo: “This coffee is so bad just the taste will keep me awake.”

    Then Van Halen came on and he got distracted. Yesterday at 8:46am

    Virginia, I am inside you, moving around and shit.

  • So… Black hawks maybe? Yesterday at 9:04am

    Virginia does not seem to like me being inside it and moving around…?

  • In the event that I exhaust the MoC and White house, I have found another civil war museum within walking distance. Yesterday at 9:07am

  • This is the best time to go anywhere or do anything, the trees OH GOD THE TREES Yesterday at 9:09am


  • Father-daughter singalong to David Bowie? ACHIEVED. Yesterday at 9:12am

  • Sighting: Waffle house! Yesterday at 9:27am

  • The sign for the rappahannock river had the universal wavy-line symbol for water, and now I want to watch the Fifth Element. Yesterday at 9:31am

  • Sighting: Steak and Shake. Yesterday at 9:46am

  • Stonewall Jackson SHRINE Yesterday at 9:47am

  • Daddo: “Maybe the ride home will have to be a Meatloaf event. And we can do a whole Journey album after that!”

    I feel like it will be more relaxing without other people in the car (Brian) to shame us. Yesterday at 9:50am

  • Just saw a sprawling hilly field with happy grazing cows… Oblivious to the overhanging billboard advertising “16oz Ribeye… $9.99!” Yesterday at 9:52am

  • Discovery: Gagnam Style is maybe the most obnoxious song ever (this from a person who sings Call Me Maybe probably once a day). Yesterday at 10:06am

  • No wait. I watched the video and I love it now. Yesterday at 10:11am
    [ETA: Turns out I don’t like the Flo Rida remix that’s being played on NJ radios.]

  • Daddo:”What is this? It sounds like it belongs in that car commercial with the dancing mice.” Yesterday at 10:12am

    Richmond, achieved.

    [here, thanks to Facebook’s randomness at timekeeping, I need to guess and change from “22 hours ago” to an actual time. Also the Museum of the Confederacy had some cell deadzones, so henceforth times are an approximation. Also the MoC allowed photos for personal purposes, but to avoid any questionable legality I won’t be posting any of mine here.]

    Hello, Confederate White House!

  • I was promised buttons WHERE ARE MY BUTTONS Yesterday at 11:30am

  • There are a lot of things here made of hair Yesterday at 12:22pm

  • Apparently the 1000 buttons include the ones still on garments. Yesterday at 12:45pm


  • I am in a place called Goochland. I’d make a joke about that but I understand this naming convention after my visit to the Museum of the–aw screw it. Gooch lolololol Yesterday at 2:45pm


  • Am reclining in epic perfect weather. Downside: I think a spider is making a web on me maybe? Yesterday at 3:15pm

    Well this place exists. I hardly think that’s fair.

  • Sense of idyllic peace somewhat spoiled by stirrings of hunger. Wondering if someplace can sausage me some biscuits and gravy. Yesterday at 3:25pm

    I’m overdressed for Richmond in October, where it is a balmy 75 degrees.

  • HOLYFUCK SHONEYS Yesterday at 4:25pm
  • I am in Fredericksburg. Yesterday at 4:40pm
  • We are arguing about country music. And mostly whether or not it’s music. Yesterday at 5:05pm

  • The talking animal head restaurant is closed, unbelievable with a draw like that. Daddo is inconsolable; hard to say if that’s because of Buggaboo’s closure, or our subsequent dinner at TGI Fridays. Yesterday at 5:15pm

  • Daddo and I just realized we were both using our phones to check our blog stats at the same time. #bearhats all around. Yesterday at 5:25pm
    [ETA: Bearhat moment will need to be a whole separate post. ANTICIPATE!]

  • Janie, our Edward Sharpe song is on! Yesterday at 5:30pm

  • Also Fridays just have me a chicken salad with no chicken on it. Yesterday at 5:45pm
  • Oh no, will I make it to a tv in time for American Horror Story? Yesterday at 7:15pm

  • Wait. Wait. Daddo just told me I can stream his cable tv via wifi to the iPad. ROLLING HOUSE Yesterday at 8:15pm
    [ETA: It turns out this was a lie.]

    Maryland, your cheeky rest stop restaurant is the best!

    Wait… what? I went from entertained to alarmed in the time it took to get from the Earl of Sandwich to a toilet…

  • Daddo: I don’t eat a lot of sugar… LOOK PANCAKES DON’T COUNT OKAY. Yesterday at 10:24pm
    [ETA: then he got M&Ms from the James Fenimore Cooper rest stop.]

    If they offered trading cards for the NJ turnpike rest stops I’m pretty sure the James Fenimore Cooper is the last one I needed.

    And a few random other photos to see you off.

    New Jersey

    Thanks for playing.


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