Always have a backup

Remember my inaugural entry in this blog, less than seventy-two hours ago? Somehow in that amount of time I managed to get my poor faithful five year old and incredibly hard done to HP laptop infected with some particularly pernicious malware.

I really want to be upset about this, I really do, but in the grand scheme, everything’s coming up Milhouse. My poor old laptop suffers but this didn’t happen last week before my deadline. And so far everything I’ve looked for has been backed up onto a remote drive or repeatedly emailed to myself. I’ve even got the incredible boon of a generous father with a spare laptop (rendered obsolete by his recent upgrade), so I hope to be back in the game soon!

Consider this, rather than a complaint and some bemoaning, as a cautionary tale just in time for NaNoWriMo–do yourself a favor and don’t put too much faith in technology. Keep a backup of your work, especially since it’s as simple as emailing your progress periodically or duplicating your file onto a flash drive (don’t they give those things away in cereal boxes these days?). Maybe it’s a little extra effort that never pays dividends other than peace of mind, or maybe it pulls your ass from a fire.

Also, fun fact: blogging from your smart phone takes twice as long as plain old computer typing.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to plan my NaNo 2012 project the old-fashioned way–in a fucking notebook.

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