American Horror Story: Coven, S3:E2, “Boy Parts” Wednesday, Oct 16 2013 

Hey friends! This is a placeholder because I am 48 hours out from my wedding and have too much to do to watch the same tv show for three hours!

I’ll catch up! In the meantime go see what our good buddy Fister Roboto has to say at Left hand horror!

Walking Dead, S4:E1, “30 Days Without an Accident” Sunday, Oct 13 2013 

“You came back. Your boy came back. You get to come back. You do.”

It's not all killing now

It’s not all killing now

We return perhaps half a year following the end of Season 3 to the prison group as a thriving community. Time has passed and, with the influx of new people from Woodbury and elsewhere, the prison has been fortified and altered to suit its new occupants.


American Horror Story: Coven S3:E1, “Bitchcraft” Thursday, Oct 10 2013 

“We are under siege ladies our lives our very existence is always at risk.”

Bitch I'm fabulous.

Bitch I’m fabulous.


Tipsy the Prognosticator: American Horror Story: Coven Wednesday, Oct 9 2013 


You might recall how last year before the premier of AHS:Asylum I made some predictions based upon their promo spots. Predictably, they were incredibly wrong, but somehow also amazingly right. I don’t anticipate this year’s advertisements to be any more honest about what’s to come, in spite of how painfully stylish they are. I’ll give it to AHS–what it lacks in clear thinking it makes up for in zazz.  But fuck it; this blog has been quiet all summer, so without further unnecessary preamble I present some wild theories about the new season.

  • Coven will have even the fluffiest self-identifying witch eye-rolling.
  • Coven will mention “white magic” at least once.
  • This year’s graphic elements will be vaguely more relevant; the show will peripherally include snakes and horned beasts and people getting prodded with pins and a really enviable chaise.
  • Storylines set in the past will be vastly more interesting than the ones in the present, and therefore get wildly less screen time.
  • The season will feature more banging than both previous seasons combined.
  • That banging will include rape, because this show always includes rape (which I can’t really complain about, because rape is scary as shit). A solid guess for a rapey scenario: slave-master dynamic abuse.
  • Jessica Lange is going to be the best character again, though she’ll have to work to outshine Kathy Bates.
  • Nobody is going to spend time in those steep black pumps. Nobody.
  • It turns out man is the real monster.
  • Witch school is going to be surprisingly boring.

What are your predictions?

Walking Dead S4 Comic Con Trailer Saturday, Jul 20 2013 

In true Walking Dead fashion, this trailer starts out with everything calm and our heroes in control, then things quickly degenerate to mayhem, mysteries, and conflict.

It’s clear from this trailer that the prison is a problem for our group; they’ve allowed it to be a symbol of enduring safety even though their time there has been fraught with problems. Now with the group having absorbed Woodbury’s survivors, more people means more hands to work but also more mouths to feed.

As expected, at some point in this season the prison’s defenses will fail and the group will be on the road once more.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this!

Lifeblog: The Crazy Person Road Trip Map Saturday, May 25 2013 

Right now in this the year of two-thousand-and-thirteen, my boyfriend and his boyfriend have just set up the good old SNES to play some NHL 94. From the living room I can hear the jubilant sounds of two thirty-year old men discussing hilarious stats and ratings of long-retired players and reliving the halcyon days of making Gretzky’s head bleed*. They’re forming up plans for a tournament they estimate might take the better part of a weekend, so I’m forming up plans to get the fuck out of dodge and hope someone remembers to feed my cats something other than spilled whiskey and burnt pizza.

Since my recent life has been pretty much all photography all the time, the natural thought is to plan a road trip to work with some different models in a different state. Or go back to the Museum of the Confederacy. Or see New Orleans. Or go to the beach. Or to big midwestern cities in which I’ve never spent much time!

Or, you know, ALL THOSE THINGS

Or, you know, ALL THOSE THINGS

Because that’s what a normal person’s travel route looks like, right? Some kind of Bermuda Triangle of Americana? And what’s, like, 60 hours of driving between friends?

For as much as I love my home and my home life, once I get further than an hour from home the temptation to just keep going is so strong.

Somebody regale me with hilarious road trip stories!


*That’s a Swingers joke and if you didn’t get it you should be ashamed of yourself.

This Seasonal Life Thursday, May 9 2013 

Hi friends. I still love you, but now that spring is all over the place and I’ve finished my internship to boot, there are literally a million things I have been wanting to do more than spend time in front of a computer! I have been doing a bunch of new photography work with a bunch of gorgeous models; if you’re into seeing that sort of thing I will direct you to my photography tumblr (NSFW).

Aside from photography I’ve been drinking in the park, went to my first hot yoga class (still recovering), have been doing some major spring cleaning, am preparing my summer garden (the tomato seeds I saved last year are growing! One step closer to surviving the zombie apocalypse!), and pretending I’m planning my wedding (I’m not, which doesn’t really stop people from asking for details). I haven’t made a lot of time for blogs or twitter (the latter of which is a painful reminder that the Stanley Cup playoffs are happening right now without my team), but I have made time for instagram, and for putting film into several of my vintage cameras!

I’ve been catching up on laundry and reading books, and there’s a new season of Mad Men (because apparently I just can’t quit you, Sunday nights on AMC), and I have been making some seriously gourmet cheese plates and boyfriend and I have been doing some small home improvements.

How are you?

Walking Dead, S3:E16, “Welcome to the Tombs” Sunday, Mar 31 2013 

“In this life now, you kill or you die… Or you die and you kill.”



After last week’s unsurprising but still very heart-felt surprise, what’s left for The Walking Dead’s season 3 finale to accomplish?


Walking Dead, S3:E15, “This Sorrowful Life” Sunday, Mar 31 2013 

“Do you even know why you do the things you do? The choices that you make?”


Walking Dead, S3:E14, “Prey” Sunday, Mar 17 2013 

“If you stay, you can’t keep looking the other way.”

Andrea looks back on bad lays

Andrea looks back on bad lays

After a couple Andrea-free episodes, the golden girl returns with what seems like a sound head on her shoulders again… until she runs away from Woodbury on foot.


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